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A annuity company that service organizations, businesses and individuals. Marlowe Johnson Insurance Center 17416 SUN LAKE TERRACE RIVERSIDE, CA 92503
Great annuity from top insurance companies; use PROMO CODE 1956 for a gift!!! www.anniutyseeker.com

2.)    Dr. Michael Bogart, Ed D

Aspectministries is a ministry that has PODCASTS that help you with of GOOD NEWS for the 21st Century, Science and Supernatural, Genesis Challenge. Dr. Bogart offers leadership training, marriage, and family counseling, prayers, world religion, bible quizzes, and speaking engagements to your school, college, or church. You can also buy excellent products from aspectminiestries shop.!!! www.aspectminiestries.com

3.)    Vivint Solar

With the high cost of coal, oil, heating and cooling, nothing is better than “VIVINT SOLAR “
to cut your cost and save you money. What if? The gas bill was $70.00 per month while others heating cost bill, on average with natural gas was $846.00 Heating, $2,278.00 oil, $2,248.00 propane and $738.00 electric.  Call Al at 510-875-3142 or e-mail him @: teamstrongintl9@gmail.com

You can run your company add for A) Business Card $150.00   B) Photo with Link $200.00

  1. C) 3-5 min Video with link $500.00   D) Car dealership 3-5 min video, seven vehicle changes 1st and 15th of each month $2,000.00, 6 months agreement. Get national exposure reach 10’s of thousands nationally of your product. Go to: yadasft.com e-mail: customerservice@yadasft.com or call (559)-369-3413


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