Release of YADA 3.0 Heralds New Age of Convenient, Integrated, Smart Productivity Software for Consumers and Small Businesses


YADA 3.0 is an integrated set of tools for health and wellness, personal finance, education, entertainment and more.


PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 12, 2017 – Covering 20 different general applications ranging from accounting to health and estate planning, YADA 3.0 is a “one-stop shop” software package for consumer and small business users. Seamless integration was a primary objective of the development team: The result is a 300 MB suite of tools available on a single CD-ROM or as a direct download. The YADA Software website at features a collection of videos providing in-depth looks at the various components of YADA 3.0.


“Our mission is to turn the software industry on its head by offering consumers unmatched value,” say the Developers. “For too long, the expectation has been that users will shell out money for 10, 15 or more individual software solutions. Worse yet are developers offering subscriptions with recurring monthly or annual fees. We’re offering a far better alternative — one software suite of fully integrated tools for one price. YADA 3.0 is a revolutionary software program for Americans who are tired of spending too much money on productivity software.”


YADA 3.0 is a consumer-oriented suite of integrated tools for both personal and small business applications. Naturally, personal finances are a focal point. With the average American being $20,000 in debt — and many being well past that number — there’s no better time than now to get control of one’s finances. YADA application will allow users to input all of your bills into a program and reply back to them with a personal customization payment plan, on how long it would take them to become debt free. YADA 3.0 provides templates for putting together a business plan, maintain a payroll and stay current on taxes. The typical entrepreneur’s dream is to retire early, and careful planning is the key to that goal.


In addition to powerful finance and accounting tools, YADA 3.0 includes a comprehensive set of health components for men, women and children. These include immunization charts, nutrition guides, blood type and other vital data, and reminders for exams like mammograms, prostate exams and colonoscopies. YADA Health Prognosis A–Z gives users a tool for narrowing down a possible health issue based on symptoms. For pet owners, there’s even a complete pet record application.


YADA is a Hebrew word meaning “the knowledge of Christ.” And considering that the holiday season is now in full swing, YADA’s developers believe the latest iteration of YADA software would make an excellent gift for a friend or relative. The software is also a highly practical graduation gift, offering young people the ability to take their first steps into the wide world of adulthood with more foresight and knowledge.


YADA 3.0 is available today for a one-time cost of $49.95. Learn more about the software’s many features at


About YADA

Knowledge is Power. The YADA 3.0 CD-ROM is full of information for your personal finance, business, real estate, legal, education, entertainment and health needs.



Cynthia Roberson