YADA Announces Three License Agreements

Palo Alto, Calif., January 16th, 2018-YADA the developer of YADA 3.0, which is known as “The World’s Most Integrated Software Program” and is the most innovated software ever created for personal and small business needs, is releasing “THREE“ { Licensing Agreements } for the public.

YADA today announces that it has approved the release of three major Licensing Agreements that have the potential to change American lives. This licensing agreement is for a distributorship whom will ship YADA 3.0 to retail stores where you can use Yada 3.0 as a program to obtain a licensing for 10%%, 20% or a 40% royalty from the sell to major retailers known as “BIG BOX STORES”.


YADA 3.0 is the #1 software program developed for personal and small business needs that has been drafted, designed and developed as the greatest revolutionary software program interacting with most, if not all, of your financial needs.


YADA will use the income to fulfill a contract agreement issued which will allow Yada to be up-graded to an APP (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). This will give YADA the potential for astronomical sales to major retail and online distributors.


Each quarter an accounting shall be done on the 30th of each month, of all gross income from approved shipments from the cd’s of YADA 3.0 software program, to retail and online stores which is based on your Retail Licensing Agreement.  You or your company shall get the allowed payment of your royalty each quarter from the distributor.


YADA has a national known distributor who wants to submit YADA 3.0 up-grade to nationally known retails stores.  YADA has extraordinary potential returns from this program, where it may be one of the largest percentage of royalty return possibly known. Yada does not guarantee any amount. See the software on (http://yadasft.com).


You will not own any part of Yada or Yada 3.0 software program. You will not own any stock, equity, or ownership or any interest into YADA or YADA 3.0 SOFTWARE PROGRAM, there is no guarantee on the amount of income or Royalty.


Under this agreement, YADA offers 10% Royalty from potential sales to “BIG BOX STORES” for $30,000.00 a 10% Royalty; for $50,000.00 a 20% Royalty and for $100,000.00 a 40% Royalty.