Welcome to the YADA 3.0 Software Program

The YADA 3.0 consist of 20 industries. You will find a list of seven industries that is the most design program to assist you in all of your personal and business needs.

Each industry carries four major developments. The first one is your video, the second is your data, and the third is your interactive programming, some programming that is missing in other software applications. The fourth is your added value which is where it can log you on to major industries in your related field such as website application development.


The business section gives you a plan on how to establish your business . The software also has three line advertising which will help you to generate new leads.The business section also offers full accounting program applications which includes P & L , Balance Sheet, Account Receivable & Payable, Financial Statement, and Purchase Orders.

It has a functionality to manage your employees time sheets, informational programming ( hours, wages, bonus ), with a check account for business and individual needs.


The investment section has a complete pie chart program that helps you with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, saving account, and real estate investments, that will manage your complete investments portfolio. It has programming tools for aggressive stock, international grouth funds, bonds, T-bills, and a host of other financial applications.

Educational Section

The educational section one of the most developed sectional programming. Has such a unique information for development for college programming application. For if you want to send your children to school or if you want to go to college yourself. It has cost analysis for junior college, state college, universities and private schools, such as Stanford, Harvard or Yale. This section contains a 501(c)(3) application development design system with articles and bylaws to complete what you need to get done for establishing a 501(c)(3). It also contains an s or c corporation articles and bylaws. It has also a template application to write a grant. It also contains approximately 10,000 foundations that offer funding your related 501(c)(3) in related fields.